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Facebook Rejected $15 Billion Take-Over Deal From Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft reportedly tried to acquired social networking platform Facebook for $15 billion, a Microsoft executive has revealed.

At the Le Web conference in Paris, Microsoft's senior director of corporate strategy and acquisitions, Fritz Lanman, told Loic Le Meur that Steve Ballmer made two trips to Facebook's Palo Alto headquarters to discuss the acquisition with Mark Zuckerberg.

“Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had flown to Palo Alto to visit his young counterpart twice. As Zuckerberg is wont to do, he took Ballmer on a long walk. Zuckerberg told Ballmer that Facebook was raising money at a $15 billion valuation,” Lanman said, according to Tech Crunch.

When Ballmer offered to pay the $15 billion, Zuckerberg refused, claiming that he did not want to lose control of the company.

“Ballmer took this reply as a sort of challenge. He went back to Microsoft’s headquarters and concocted a plan intended to acquire Facebook in stages....But Zuckerberg rejected all the overtures,” Lanman detailed.