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Google Releases Cloud-Based Business Email Solution

Search giant Google has released its Message Continuity service, a cloud-based answer to Microsoft's on-premise Exchange email client.

Google's continuity solution is not aimed at displacing Exchange but to provide organisations with the means to back-up e-mails that get stored on an on-premise servers running Microsoft's popular software.

The search giant says that an organisation can lose up to $90,000 if their e-mail solution collapses.

The company explained that the Google Message Community works by replicating the e-mail accounts that are hosted on Exchange servers. Every email sent from and to the e-mail ids gets replicated on the Google cloud.

“If the Microsoft® Exchange Server fails, or requires scheduled maintenance or downtime, all you have to do is log into Gmail and continue regular, up-to-date e-mail communication through Google,” Google explained.

The company is also touting its e-mail continuity solution as the first step for transitioning to Google Apps.