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News@10: Teen Arrested For DDoSing Call Of Duty, Amazon Attempts To Profit From Wikileaks & Google

The Metropolitan Police’s e-crime unit (PCeU) has arrested a gamer from Manchester for orchestrating a suspected denial of services (DDoS) attack on Call of Duty. The 17 year-old from Beswick was arrested earlier this morning on suspicion of committing offences against the Computer Misuse Act.

Amazon UK is selling an ebook containing the first five thousand cables of the Wikileaks document repository; the Ebook costs £7.37 including VAT and has been published by Heinz Duthel via IAC Society on the 29th of November.

Search giant Google has released its Message Continuity service, a cloud-based answer to Microsoft's on-premise Exchange email client. Google's continuity solution is not aimed at displacing Exchange but to provide organisations with the means to back-up e-mails that get stored on an on-premise servers running Microsoft's popular software.

Cyber crooks are using a fake Amazon receipt generator to con merchants during the the mad shopping rush that accompanies the holiday season. Security software vendor GIF has come across a receipt generator tool, freely available on the web, that creates HTML-based sale receipts similar to the ones given out by Amazon and its partner retailers.

The next Apple iPad is likely to have a rear camera according based on pictures that have emerged from one Chinese manufacturer which has released a case for the iPad 2. Shenzhen MacTop Electronics released a "Crystal Case for iPad 2nd Generation" one which has a hole for a rear facing camera which matches the size of the one found on the iPhone 4.