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Twitter Used By 8 Per Cent Of Americans

A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center has revealed that micro-blogging platform Twitter is used by 8 per cent US adults.

The study revealed that, out of the 8 per cent adults that used Twitter, 24 per cent checked their accounts several times in a day for material posted by others, 12 per cent checked once a day and 21 per cent never checked their account at all.

Out of the people who use Twitter regularly, 72 per cent tweeted information about their personal lives, 55 per cent posted links to news stories, 62 per cent liked to tweet work related stuff and 53 per cent liked to retweet items.

The study found that those aged between 18-29 years used Twitter more frequently than older Americans. Pew also found that ethnic minorities tended to use Twitter more than white users.

Women were found to be use Twitter more often than men, while people in urban areas tweeted more than those living in sub-urban and rural areas.