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WikiLeaks deserters plan to start new site

Several 'key figures' behind WikiLeaks are setting up an alternative to the Whistle-blowing site according to a Swedish newspaper.

Dagens Nyheter says a number of staff have resigned in protest over the behaviour of WikiLeaks' controversial founder Julian Assange and have been working on a new project names Openleaks for some time.

The new site, which will also feed sensitive leaks to international news organisations, is expected to go live on Monday but will have to compete with hundreds of WikiLeaks mirrors which have been set up in the aftermath of the Cablegate leaks.

“Our long term goal is to build a strong, transparent platform to support whistle blowers - both in terms of technology and politics - while at the same time encouraging others to start similar projects,” said an anonymous Openleaks spokesperson.

Unlike WikiLeaks, the new organisation says it will not offer leaked information to the general public, instead relying on established publishing operations and trade unions to disseminate potentially-damaging data.

“As a result of our intention not to publish any document directly and in our own name, we do not expect to experience the kind of political pressure which WikiLeaks is under at this time. In that aspect, it is quite interesting to see how little of politicians' anger seems directed at the newspapers using WikiLeaks sources," said the anonymous source.

An account named Openleaks has appeared on Twitter with the bio "coming soon".