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Formspring Beats iPad In Google UK Zeitgeist 2010 List

A surprising name appeared in the UK version of Google's UK Zeitgeist list of 2010, one that managed to surpass even the mighty Apple iPad.

Formspring is the keyword that was the fastest-rising in the country, second only to Chatroulette. The site is just over a year old and is already in top 500 websites worldwide (and top 350 in the UK).

Like the latter, it is a website with a simple focus, getting answers for questions - something that had been done before by Google and Yahoo.

Other fast rising technology terms in the UK include FB for Facebook, Youtube and, surprise surprise, "Hotmail sign in".

Why so many people look for Hotmail sign in when they could simply type in remains a mystery. Equally mysterious is the lack of anything Yahoo or Myspace, a sign perhaps that these two internet giants have now faded.

You can find more about the other most popular searches of 2010 in the UK here and across the world, together with some nifty tools here.