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Amazon Sites Taken Down Over Europe

Websites belonging to online retail giant Amazon were inaccessible across the UK, Germany, France and Italy on Sunday, indicating at a possible DDoS attack from pro-Wikileaks hacktivists.

Multiple reports seem to place the blame for the attacks on "Internet gathering" Anonymous, but Twitter accounts connected with the outfit have denied involvement.

A post on the AnonOps account said: "WE REPEAT: We can not attack To some journalists: check your sources well please. #anonops#payback #Wikileaks #leakspin"

Amazon, which offers one of the largest web hosting services, was one of the first companies to break ties with controversial whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. The online retail giant had previously pulled support for the site, refusing to host WikiLeaks on its servers and claiming that it had violated Amazon's terms of use.

The online retail giant was later followed by PayPal, Master Card and Visa in dropping WikiLeaks. The companies stopped processing donations meant for WikiLeaks through their payment channels. In response, Anonymous successfully brought down PayPal's API, the PayPal blog and the sites of both Mastercard and Visa with coordinated DDoS attacks.