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Dr Who app profits support leukaemia research

UK based independent developer Paul Gee has announced that from Thursday December 9 to Thursday December 23 all profits from the Doctor Who iPhone news app WhoNews with be donated to the Cure Leukaemia, which supports the work of the Haematology Centre at the University Hospital Birmingham.

WhoNews is an iPhone app that keeps Doctor Who fans all over the world up to date with the latest news, gossip and spoilers on the worlds longest running science fiction series. The app downloads news from a dedicated server which trawls over 30 of the top Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventure websites every 15 minutes to collate the latest news. Fans can read the latest articles from all their favourite sites and post links on Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social networking sites. It has been downloaded in over 29 countries and used by fans over 17,000 times a month.

Paul Gee explains: "Recently the cousin of my step-children was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Andrew Brown is only 12 years old and recently underwent chemotherapy for the condition which thankfully seems to be in remission but Andrew still has a lot of treatment ahead of him.

Gee evidently saw an opportunity to drum up a bit of publicity for his app.

"Since donating profits from the sale of WhoNews on the 23rd November to charity, the Doctor Who community has raised over £650 in two weeks, I'd now like to achieve the same for a second charity.

"I am donating 100% of the profits from the sale of WhoNews from Thursday December 9 to 23rd December. The profits will be donated to Cure Leukaemia to help further research into this cancer that affects children like Andrew."

"Since starting his treatment just over a month ago, Andrew is no longer the boy he was back in September, when we spent a week in Majorca and he spent almost every day swimming back and forth in the hotel pool.

"His weight has dropped significantly. His legs ache after the simplest of exercise (like walking upstairs), he has had all his hair shaved off (before it all fell out), and he hasn't been to school since the beginning of October. He can no longer have a bath, and has be be assisted in the shower. His legs and arms are very thin (because he has lost a lot of muscle mass), although he now has a pot-belly through eating too much (one of the side-effects of his treatment - greatly increased appetite). He rarely makes it through a day without going back to bed for a sleep, and even little trips out to supermarkets tire him out. To cap it all, he has also developed steroid-induced diabetes.

"But through all this he has rarely complained, and has managed to keep his wry sense of humour and cheerful grin. He is fully aware that this will be his life for the next two to three years, and although he has the occasional bad day when he wonders whether he is going to die or not, he is generally optimistic and quite frankly appears to be taking it better than his mum and dad."

By purchasing WhoNews from the App Store either via iTunes or on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users will make a donation of £1.45 in the UK or $2.80 in the US to the Cure Leukaemia charity.

WhoNews 1.7 sells for $3.99 (USD) or £2.39 (GBP) and is available worldwide through the App Store monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.