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Apple Ditches Jailbreak Detection API

Apple has unexpectedly removed the jailbreak detection API from its iOS 4.2 update without any announcement.

The company had previously released a patent detailing a method of remotely detecting 'unauthorised users' or devices that had been jailbroken. It was widely feared that Apple would use the technology to remotely kill jailbroken devices.

Instead of using the API to remotely kill the device, Apple provided the API to enterprises in order to help them detect jailbroken devices, as they are vulnerable to attacks and pose a serious threat to data security.

According to ARS Technia, Sybase believes that Apple might have disabled the API due to hackers devising more and more sophisticated methods of disguise the fact that the phone had been jailbroken.

Jailbreaking lets users override the iPhones security system allowing the download of non-App store software.

In a landmark ruling, US courts had recently deemed jailbreaking of iPhones legal.