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Google spruces up Android marketplace

Google has announced a bunch of updates to its Android Market, giving the site a new coat of paint and tweaking some of the terms and conditions.

In a post on the Android Developers blog, the company claimed the updates would improve the merchandising of applications and allow developers to more easily distribute their applications.

The maximum file-size of Android apps has been upped to 50MB, to allow for bigger games on the platform. Developers will now also be able to target devices based on screen size and GL texture compression formats.

A new carousel will allow users to browse through the application and go straight to the downloads page. The company has also included two new categories, Widgets and Live Wallpapers.

But users will now have to demand a refund within 15 minutes of purchasing an application that turns out not no d what it said on the tin. Games developers has apparently been complaining that the previous 24-hour limit allowed sneaky users to play a game to death before demanding a refund.

Google said: "With this release, we aimed to deliver features that are most requested by users and developers. However, we're not done yet. We plan to continue to rapidly enhance Android Market for both users and developers and make it the best content distribution service for the Android ecosystem."