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Hackers Gorge Themselves On McDonalds Customer Data

McDonalds is warning its customers to be beware of identity thieves, after personal data was stolen by hackers.

The fast food giant was not hacked in the attack, although an as yet unnamed third party company, affiliated with the company’s partner Arc Worldwide was. According to PC World, McDonalds hired Arc to manage its promotional e-mail campaign, who then subsequently outsourced the deal to the unnamed company.

The data stolen includes sensitive details such as names, addresses, telephone and mobile numbers, e-mail addresses and other personal information that could potentially be used for identity fraud.

A letter sent out to those thought to be affected said: “McDonald’s does not collect sensitive financial information, such as social security numbers or credit card numbers online or through e-mail. As such, the information improperly accessed did not include this type of information.”

McDonalds recently warned UK customers to beware of phishing attacks and hoax e-mails, after a number of rogue messages were supposedly sent from the company.