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News@10: Apple Removes Jailbreak Detection API, Google Give Away Free Nexus S Phones On Twitter & Amazon

Apple has unexpectedly removed the jailbreak detection API from its iOS 4.2 update without any announcement. The company had previously released a patent detailing a method of remotely detecting 'unauthorised users' or devices that had been jailbroken. It was widely feared that Apple would use the technology to remotely kill jailbroken devices.

Google has been giving away free Nexus S smartphones on the official Google Nexus Twitter account with the last handset to be given out until the 16th of December. Puzzle number seven is already out with competitors being asked to write a haiku about why they should be the winner of a Nexus S.

Amazon was left inaccessible across the UK, Germany, France and Italy on Sunday, indicating at a possible DDoS attack from pro-Wikileaks hacktivists. Multiple reports seem to place the blame for the attacks on "Internet gathering" Anonymous, but Twitter accounts connected with the outfit have denied involvement.

Another anonymous tipster has sent a video of the forthcoming Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone, known as the Zeus Z1, to Engadget. The handset managed to score 24.4 frames per second in the Neocore benchmark application, less than half what the Nexus S achieves at 55.6 frames per second.

British law firm ACS:Law has lost its first copyright infringement case filed against 8 individuals suspected of illegally sharing copyrighted material. The company had invited controversy when it began to send out mass letters to alleged file-sharers, asking them to cease and desist, as well as pay a hefty fine worth hundreds of pounds for illegally downloading copyrighted material. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.