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Oracle Demands Further Damages From SAP

Enterprise software maker Oracle is demanding additional damages from SAP in "prejudgment interest" after being awarded $1.3 billion in compensation by US courts.

In move that will certainly make matters worse for SAP, Oracle has approached the US District Court for the Northern District of California to prise a further $211 million from the company.

Oracle originally filed a lawsuit against SAP, claiming that its former subsidiary TomorrowNow had illegally used its intellectual property to service Oracle's clients.

SAP had agreed to the allegations and was asked to pay $1.3 billion in damages to Oracle. However, now, according to Mercury News, in a legal filing submitted on Friday, Oracle is demanding $211 million in prejudgment interest.

A SAP spokesperson said in a statement: “We don't believe that Oracle is entitled to any additional compensation beyond the final judgement in this case... We are, of course, disappointed by this verdict and will consider all available options.”