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SAP ERP Software Not Just For Large Organisations

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from SAP is planning to revamp its product marketing strategy by offering solutions based on the product and the buyer, instead of the size of the customer.

In an interview with Managing Automation Magazine, Robert Enslin, president of SAP North America said that the customer size oriented approach was artificial and needed to be revamped.

SAP, along with other ERP vendors, has been offering solutions based on the size of the customer, however now, in the age of cloud-based services and applications, SAP predicts a shift in the ERP market from core ERP solutions to applications that include ERP.

According to Ensiln, for SAP, it is essential to model its marketing strategy on that basis and market products designed around the product and buyer instead of customer size.

“We’ve gone to market based on customer size for years, but I feel these lines are artificial now. It’s going to go around solutions. What solution does a customer want to buy, whether they are $10 million, $20 million, or $300 million in size?,” Enslin said.