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Sony Adds ITV Player And 4oD To PS3 On-Demand Lineup

Sony is planning to release a software update for its PlayStation 3 games console, set to allow broadband users to stream content on-demand from ITV and Channel 4.

The update is timed to be release as the upcoming holiday season approaches and is targeted to lure in casual gamers looking to purchase an all-in-one entertainment unit.

The company is planning to launch the ITV and Channel 4 streaming capabilities by the end of this week. The move is set to put the PS3 ahead of rival's consoles as it already offers BBC's iPlayer video on-demand service.

For ITV, the deal with Sony will allow it to push its online video on-demand platform to a large number of users. ITV plans to make its video streaming catch-up service available to as many platforms as it can in order to increase viewer numbers.

According to Sony, there are about 4 million connected PlayStation units in the UK, allowing broadband users to access a range of TV shows and movie via LoveFilm and other services. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.