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Three links up with Opera

Mobile phone network Three has teamed up with the mobile phone browser company, to offer the Internet browsing tool to mobile phones on their network.

The Opera Mini web browser is now available from the Three portal, for free downloading to handsets as the go-to application of choice for Internet surfing.

Opera Mini is said to reduce a web page's data by up to 90-percent, as the software compresses the pages before delivering them to the mobile phone by way of a proxy server at the Opera website - without losing any browsing speed.

This process makes the browser useful in retaining the data allowance that accompanies the handset's tariff, or just to stretch out the precious data allowance for more Internet browsing or downloading.

Mobile phone users on Three with older mobiles can also see benefits in using Opera Mini, as the browser can speed up the web surfing experience by giving the illusion the handset is performing faster as a result of Opera's abilities.

Opera Mini is available for Nokia's Symbian S60 OS, BlackBerry phones, Apple iOS handsets, Windows Mobile and also Android mobiles.

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