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US Magazine Reappears From Behind The Paywall

A US-based newspaper trade industry publication has demolished its paywall, that required users to pay a subscription fee to access its online content.

Editor and Publisher magazine revealed in an online post (opens in new tab) on Friday that it was ending the use of a paywall as part of a major overhaul of their site.

In a humorous turn, the publication compared the end of their paywall to the fall of the Berlin Wall and recreated former president Ronald Regan’s famous instruction to Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall!”

"We have not been big believers in paywalls," said Duncan McIntosh, president of Duncan McIntosh Company, Inc. (DMC), the publisher of Editor and Publisher.

Mr McIntosh further added: "Paywalls in name alone connote a psychological negative, which is one reason we have never been big believers. Nielsen had been using one for a number of years, but nothing during the past year has changed our opinion about them. We have removed it to build more traffic and make more of our original content available to our visitors."

Some news publications in the UK, such as The Times and the News Of The World, have been placed behind a paywall, whilst The Telegraph is said to be considering a similar monitisation scheme. After going behind its paywall The Times is reported to have lost 55 per cent of its page views.