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Zavvi Ships UK's Cheapest PS3 Console For £198 With A 320GB HDD

Online retailer Zavvi has begun selling what is UK's cheapest PS3 gamig console and the best thing about it is that it is a 320GB model, one which is brand new, unopened and undamaged.

Using the voucher code C2ZAVV9 (at the checkout) on Ebay, you can slash the display price of £219.99 including P&P to a mere £197.99 and get 440 Ebay Plus points as well, worth £4.40 on Ebay.

In comparison, the next cheapest Sony Playstation gaming console costs £248.85 at; Zavvi has flogged more than 650 of them in the past 24 hours and stocks are likely to be very limited.

The new PS3 console is significantly thinner than the first PS3 models and packs a hard disk drive more than five times bigger than the MK1. Power consumption has been slashed by two-thirds which means that it dissipates less heat and therefore comes with a much smaller fan.

We reported earlier today that Soy is planning to add ITV player and 4OD to its On-demand line up on the PS3, something which would add to its feature list.