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Angry Birds Hits 50 Million Downloads

Rovio's popular mobile game Angry Birds has hit the 50 million downloads landmark, making it the most downloaded app from Apple's iTunes App Store for 2010.

According to tech news site Cnet, the company announced the landmark at an event in which it showcased the Bad Piggy Bank in-app payment system.

Company spokesperson Peter Vesterbacka said that Rovio expects that the game will reach 100 million downloads by summer next year. According to Rovio, the game is played for around 200 million minutes every day world wide.

The Bad Piggy Bank in-app system is set to allow for the one-touch payment of in-game goods. The company was quick to point out that users will not have to give their banking details at the time of purchase, and that the amount will be included in their monthly phone bill.

Rovio also confirmed its plans to launch the game on PC, Macs and a number of games consoles. The company said that future Angry Birds editions will have similar game play, but will come with full HD capabilities.