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BBC Online To Be Cut By A Quarter

The BBC’s online efforts are to be cut as part of the corporation’s ongoing spending review.

The BBC Trust announced that BBC Online will receive a 25 per cent spending reduction, and indicated that they wished for the brand to be more “distinctive”.

On the Guardian's Comment is Free website, BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons said of the cuts: “Above all else, the new strategy will lead to a more distinctive BBC which focuses more sharply on content that can't be found elsewhere, based around clear editorial priorities, while balancing the need to continue to serve all audiences.”

The chairman maintained that the reductions would be positive for the corporation.

He said: “This focus on distinctiveness won't just be a win for audiences. It will also help deliver greater certainty for other broadcasters who won't feel the BBC is encroaching unduly into their territory.”

Lyons did not specify which specific parts of BBC Online would be cut or how many jobs would be lost.

The cuts come at a time when the BBC’s license fee has been frozen for six years and services within the corporation are being scaled back to cope with the loss of funding.