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Danish Newspaper Places Wikileaks Back On Amazon

Wikileaks has found its way back onto Amazon’s servers, after the shopping giant controversially pulled the plug on the site less than two weeks ago.

Danish newspaper Politiken has decided to mirror the content of the contentious whistleblowing site on its own web portal and bought server space off Amazon for the task.

Per Palmkvist Knudsen, of media group JP/Politiken Hus, told Computerworld: "Our choice of Amazon came about by chance, although I can well see that it looks a little odd."

"There is no political motive or revenge behind having our WikiLeaks mirroring running on Amazon's servers," he added, insisting that the newspaper chose to use Amazon’s European servers to mirror the content due to the fact the was "fast and easy”.

Wikileaks has been plagued by problems since founder Julian Assange was accused of sex crimes in Sweden. This led to Amazon withdrawing its services from Wikileaks, as well as financiers PayPal, Visa and Mastercard freezing the website’s assets.