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Former Wikileaks Members Set Up Rival Site

Former WikiLeaks member Daniel Domscheit-Berg has launched his own whistleblowing website OpenLeaks, which promises to be more open than its controversial counterpart.

According to CNN, Domscheit-Berg, a former hacker, along with several other former WikiLeaks members, has launched the new platform to focus on the more controlled and open release of sensitive information.

Domscheit-Berg believes that, under the leadership of Assange, the website had lost sight of its actual aim, which was to be open and transparent, rather than causing mayhem.

WikiLeaks has recently released around 250,000 classified US diplomatic cables sent between Washington and US embassy officials from around the world.

In a short documentary which was aired on a Sweden based TV channel, Domscheit-Berg said Assange's leadership "weakened the organisation". He also said that WikiLeaks had become “too focused on one person, and one person is always much weaker than an organisation.”