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Microsoft Joins Fair Search In Hope Of Thwarting Google Dominance

Software giant Microsoft has joined the Fair Search consortium aiming to prevent Google's proposed $700 million acquisition of ITA Software.

In a press release, the Fair Search organisation officially announced that Google's rival Microsoft had joined their cause.

Microsoft believes that, as a customer of travel provider ITA, it has the right to help prevent Google's acquisition of the company, which could give the search giant dominance over travel search engines.

ITA Software offers one of the largest database of travel related information for online flight searches and ticket prices to several prominent travel related websites.

The Fair Search organisation was formed by Expedia and Kayak, which are both providers of travel related information sourced from ITA Software.

“Acquiring ITA Software would give Google control over the software that powers most of its closest rivals in travel search and could enable Google to manipulate and dominate the online air travel marketplace,” the organisation said.