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News@10: Samsung Unveil 'Luxury Edition' Galaxy Tab, Gawker Attacks Spread To Twitter & Vodafone Smile Campaign

Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung is preparing to launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab 'Luxury Edition', set to come with an exclusive leather case and bluetooth headset.

The recent attack on gossip sight Gawker Media has allowed spammers to hijack thousands of Twitter accounts. Twitter users affected found their accounts were posting spam messages advertising the Acai Berry diet.

A new Twitter-based PR campaign for Vodafone has backfired after anti-cuts protesters hijacked it with messages claiming the company has dodged billions of pounds in tax. The 12 Days of Smiles campaign encouraged people to tweet about what made them smile using the #mademesmile hashtag. The company promised to gift a free phone to selected Twitter users.

Kobo has updated its e-reader application to make the reading experience more 'gamified' and social. The Kobo Reading Life application is designed to bring social networking features to the platform, allowing users to share snippets of the book they are reading, check-in with locations and characters in the book, and even earn reading badges, meant for the 'gamification' of the overall reading experience.

Mobile users are placing themselves at risk of data theft and even physical attack, due to a lack of smartphone security, according to a report by a leading European security agency