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RIM's Results Boosted By BlackBerry Torch

Research in Motion (RIM) remains on par with rival Apple in terms of global smartphone sales as analysts estimate that the Canadian firm sold the same amount of BlackBerry's in the last quarter as Apple sold iPhones.

According to a report from 23 analyst forecasts compiled by Reuters, RIM's sales are being aided by its newly launched Torch touch screen smartphone, released in competition with Apple's iPhone.

However, despite the sales figures, analysts remain skeptic of RIM's position in the smartphone market as Apple and Google, which activates 300,000 Android phones everyday, continues to eat away at RIM's market share.

According to research firm IDC, RIM has already lost around 4 per cent of its market share this year.

The company has been criticised for failing to keep up with the evolving smartphone market despite its advantage from early entry. RIM has recently announced plans to release its own PlayBook tablet device which will run on newly developed operating system.