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3 UK Says Yes To Mobile Tethering On Unlimited Data Plan

UK's smallest mobile phone operator, 3 UK, announced earlier today that it will offer its One Plan as an unlimited data one to allow its users to consume as much data as they want.

Marc Allera wrote on the official Three UK blog that the carrier will not implement any restrictions or crafty fair usage policies that contain "hidden data caps".

Allera confirmed that you will be able to use your phone as a dongle, something that handsets that use Android OS 2.2 or later are capable of thanks to their Wi-Fi hotspot capability.

It is unlikely that 3 UK will put any restriction on users who want to use a "One Plan" SIM card in a laptop like the Dell Vostro V130 or even Google's CR48 Chrome OS notebook.

But then, the network operator has been by far the cheapest when it comes to data allowance; it costs as little as £1 per GB on its 15GB per month mobile broadband contract while the cheapest "One Plan" starts from £25 per month.

We're understandably suspicious of everyone (and anyone) who offers something for nothing or for very little which is what the unlimited data plan really is.

3 UK says that they are "bucking the trend in an industry that seems to be scaling back, not giving more" and have invested heavily in their 3G network to make sure they can scale, rather than buckle, under demand.