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BlueBeat Found Guilty Of Copyright Infringement Against EMI

A Californian court has concluded that online music store and streaming portal BlueBeat is guilty of copyright infringement against EMI.

BlueBeat fell foul of the studio last year when it started offering paid music downloads and free streaming of EMI's content. This included songs by the Beastie Boys, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, the Smashing Pumpkins and the Beatles.

In 2009, EMI filed a copyright lawsuit against BlueBeat, and served the company with an injunction order to stop directly or indirectly infringing on content owned by EMI.

In his company's defence, BlueBeat CEO Hank Risan said that he had developed a 'psycho-acoustic simulation' technique that created sounds similar to the content owned by EMI. He insisted that their songs were not exactly the same as a result.

The judge decided not to believe this strange defence and ruled: “Risan's obscure and undefined pseudo-scientific language appears to be a long-winded way of describing 'sampling,' i.e. copying, and fails to provide any concrete evidence of independent creation.”