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BT Apologises For Infinity Broadband Speed Error

BT has been left red faced after users of its Infinity broadband service found that they were having their download speed throttled, despite paying for a faster connection.

The telecoms giant has apologised to customers paying for 40Mbps, whilst receiving connection speeds of only 2mbps.

Angry customers voiced their outrage at the low speeds on a BT forum, with one user proclaiming: “Although I'm sure we'll get nothing back as it's "upto 40meg" but why the **bleep** should be paying for this is stupid.”

The company blamed the overcharging on a “technical fault”, that resulted in download speeds being throttled. Upload speeds however, were unaffected by the problem.

BT said in a statement: "The slow speed experienced by a number of customers was due to a technical fault that was highlighted through individual complaints and our customer forums, this has now been fixed."