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Designer arrested over Anonymous press release

A bloke named Alex Tapanaris, whose name appeared on the PDF press release circulated by online trouble-makers Anonymous has had his web site disappeared from the web and, according to a post on, the unfortunate chap has been arrested.

The release was circulated last Friday and pretty soon the document's properties were noticed.

Spookily on Monday, Tapanaris' web site disappeared from the Internet.

It is not yet clear whether Tapanaris was really the author of the document in question or whether his name appeared there by some mysterious quirk of fate.

We called him up in Greece and he certainly sounded spooked: "No comment," he said and hung up.

Presumably, the authorities will let us know what his fate will be sooner or later as they pursue their enquiries.

Police in Holland have so far arrested two youths one of whom, a 16 year-old, was nabbed in connection with Anonymous' attacks on the likes of Paypal and Mastercard. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.