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Facebook's Most Used Words Of The Year Revealed

The "X Factor" and "football" are two of the most popular words to appear in status messages on Facebook UK during 2010, the website has revealed.

The UK list was compiled after the status updates of 26 million Facebook users around the UK were analysed and comparing with the statuses of 2009.

According to The Daily Mail, some of the most popular terms used in Facebook status messages this year in the UK included "World Cup", which was mentioned more than 3 million times, reality show participants "Wagner" and "Cher" and football star Wayne Rooney.

Meanwhile X-Factor finalists One Direction, British Soldiers and PM David Cameron were the 5th, 6th and 7th most popular topics to appear in status messages.

For a wider perspective, World Cup, movies, iPad and iPhone, Haiti and teen pop sensation Justin Bieber were the most popular topics of discussion on status messages world wide.