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HTC Magic To Receive Android 2,2 Update On Vodafone

Vodafone has released a rather unexpected update for the HTC Magic in the form of Android OS 2.2.

Froyo is already available for the platform via OTA although because of the size of the upgrade, we’d recommend sticking to Wi-Fi upgrades.

Magic owners will get a message on their handset prompting them to start the two-part upgrading process.

The update will bring a number of improvements to the old mobile phone handset (it was launched back in 2009) including Gmail and Android Market application, support for USB tethering, the ability to save apps to a microSD card, Wi-Fi hotspot, security updates, full Adobe Flash support and better Bluetooth and camera functionalities.

We’re not sure why Vodafone chose to release Android OS 2.2 on the Magic given that there are other, more recent, Android-based handsets that would certainly require the update as well.

Other mobile phone networks have been issuing Android OS 2.2 upgrades to their handsets as well including O2 and the Dell Streak.