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More Hints At Nvidia / Samsung Partnership On Tegra 2

Another technology media outlet has confirmed that Samsung will be using the Tegra 2 chip from semiconductor powerhouse Nvidia rather than its own.

Digitimes wrote that other vendors including Acer, Asus and Toshiba are likely to join Samsung as well in launching tablets based on the Tegra 2.

The fact that the Tegra 2 boosts strong graphics performance and supports Adobe Flash and 3D games natively explain why it is likely to attract significant orders from CE companies.

In addition, Digitimes says that a number of white-box players, the likes of Foxconn Electronics or Quanta, have adopted the Tegra 2 for their tablet PC models.

We’ve already seen the first of it with the popular Advent Vega which was launched in November. Digitimes ends its report by saying that Nvidia may capture as much as 50 per cent of the ARM-based tablet PC shipment by the end of next year.

Another analyst remains convinced that Samsung Electronics will use the Tegra 2 instead of the Hummingbird or the Orion although we remain highly sceptical as Samsung is also tasked with designing the blueprint of the Apple A5 SoC, one that will be based on the Orion.