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Navteq Scoops Up Trapster

Nokia owned Navteq, the world's largest digital mapping service, has acquired police speed trap reporting service Trapster.

According to Autoblog, Navteq acquired Trapster last week after a bidding war with five other technology companies.

Trapster offers drivers the locations of speed traps set-up by the police, as well as information on traffic jams and other road hazards. The service is available as a cross-platform app on iOS, Android and Blackberry and also as a web based service.

The service is based on a crowd sourcing format and has around 9 million users.

A spokesperson for Navteq said in a statement to Reuters that, “Navteq believes that community-generated data has a critical part to play in location content.”

The spokesperson failed to give the financial details of the acquisition but added: “Its a small deal, even by Navteq standards.”

Trapster was established in 2003, and has been growing rapidly since 2009.