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News@5: Three Introduces Unlimited Mobile Data Plan, LinkedIn Blocks Gawker Users & Facebook

Mobile phone carrier Three UK has become the first operator to offer unlimited data service for those who sign up for its One Plan tariff, a move that undermines recent restrictions imposed by its competitors. Three UK used the words "all you can eat data" and "unlimited" in its press release, which shows its determination to differentiate itself from the rest of the mobile phone networks.

LinkedIn has blocked access to the accounts of users that had their e-mail passwords exposed after the hacking of Gawker Media. The idea behind the move is to prevent users', that used the same passwords on both accounts, from having LinkedIn accounts accessed illegally.

The "X Factor" and "football" are two of the most popular words to appear in status messages on Facebook UK during 2010, the website has revealed. The UK list was compiled after the status updates of 26 million Facebook users around the UK were analysed and comparing with the statuses of 2009.

Nokia is planning to cut 800 jobs in Finland despite remaining profitable in the last quarter. According to Bloomberg, 560 people facing the axe are working in the company's Symbian operating system department. Symbian OS is considered by many to be a shadow of its former self, after succumbing to rival pressure from Apple and Google's own mobile OS brands.

Disney and Apple have previewed the iPad iAd for the animation giant's upcoming Tron Legacy movie, making it the first iAd to run on the iPad. The iAd will not only allow users to view information about the movie, but also offer them the chance to watch movie trailers, view a photo gallery, read up on the characters and listen to samples of the movie's soundtrack, created by Daft Punk. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.