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Nokia Cuts 800 Finnish Jobs, Most From Symbian Department

Nokia is planning to cut 800 jobs in Finland despite remaining profitable in the last quarter.

According to Bloomberg, 560 people facing the axe are working in the company's Symbian operating system department. Symbian OS is considered by many to be a shadow of its former self, after succumbing to rival pressure from Apple and Google's own mobile OS brands.

The company, which has around 6,000 people working on Symbian worldwide, is planning to streamline its operations and consolidate on-going projects.

According to a Nokia spokesperson, workers in the departments due for job reductions will be eligible to a severance package of between 5 to 15 months of their salary, depending on when they started. They will also be able to apply for other jobs within the company as well.

“In past years we’ve been successful in redeploying people so we believe the actual number will be considerably smaller in this case as well,” the spokesperson said.