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Anonymous brings Operation Paperstorm to London

Operation Paperstorm, the latest stunt by Anonymous - which sees activists spamming the streets with paper-based messages - has hit London, with a message supporting whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks appearing on the Jubilee line.

A picture of what could be the first strike of the new campaign surfaced on the Anon_Leakspin (opens in new tab) Twitter account. The protest took the form of a hastily scribbled message on a sheet of paper, pinned to the overhead advertising space on a Jubilee line train.

“Boycott Amazon,” it ordered a lone passenger (opens in new tab). “Support WikiLeaks.”

Anonymous appears to be working its way down the technological ladder, having begun by launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the websites of companies deemed to oppose WikiLeaks. It then called on users to flood the companies' fax machines with extracts from leaked cables published on the whistle-blowing site.

Now Anonymous is calling on its members to 'spam' the streets with leaflets bearing their message.

Complete with Anonymous’ trademark melodrama, the official flyer (opens in new tab) advises participants to use the cover of darkness when "racing through the streets" to distribute their papers - because, of course, “you are invisible”.

Activists are urged to get the message out to “everyone in all places”.

“They can no longer stand or lie to us,” it claims. “And together, we shall give them a Christmas that shall never, ever be forgot”. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.