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Seagate Unveils New Barracuda Green Hard Disk Drives

Storage specialist Seagate has released a new range of high performance, energy-sipping hard disk drives in the form of the Barracuda Green range of 3.5-inch hard disk drives.

The drives are being presented as the industry’s “highest performance eco-friendly internal drives” and will target a number of devices like external HDD, NAS drives, home servers, set top boxes and low power computers.

The new Barracuda Green family replaces the Barracuda LP and runs at 5900RPM, faster than the usual 5400RPM but significantly less than the 7200RPM we’re used to see on high performance models.

It uses Seagate’s proprietary SmartAlign technology which brings support for the new 4K sector on the hard disk drive itself, allowing the drive to reach up to 144MBps data transfer rates (maximum theoretically).

Seagate says that 70 per cent of the drive will be recyclable and all the components used on the drive have low halogen content.

As expected the drives will be available in 1TB, 1,5TB and 2TB configurations with 3Gbps or 6Gbps interfaces, and up to 64MB cache.

No 3TB models have been announced and it is more than likely that the drives use 500GB platters. And surprisingly, the Barracuda Green consumes 18 per cent more power when idle than the competition.

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