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SkinnyBytes power-over-Ethernet computers launch

Arizona U.S.A. based SkinnyBytes has launched a new line of PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) Computer, the PoE-156 Touch - a 15.6-inch all-in-one (AIO), that can be wall or panel mounted or used as a desktop computer.

All SkinnyBytes (opens in new tab)systems are PoE, requiring no AC outlets. The computers are able to receive all the necessary power over a standard network cable via Power-over-Ethernet. The new PoE-156 supports VESA mounting, making it suitable for a variety of environments.

Because the systems eliminate the need for installing AC outlets, a fact that can easily reduce installation costs by 50 per cent or more, SkinnyBytes touts its Power-over-Ethernet computers as "the ultimate Eco-Friendly computers". The outfit claims the units consume around ten per cent of the power of traditional computers, using technologies including Solid State Drives, low-power Intel Atom Processors, LED backlighting, and passive cooling technologies that require no cooling fans. Some models are able to run on a modest 30 watts of power without sacrificing Atom-level performance.

They are also safer. AC power can be dangerous due to the high-voltage/high-current it supplies, and in classroom environments, installing many AC outlets within reach of curious students can pose a safety hazard. Power-over-Ethernet computers use low-voltage DC power over a standard network cable, making them compliant with the Underwriters Laboratories classification SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) and, therefore, the ideal Classroom Friendly Computers.

The best bit: one cable provides all of your power and data, helping eliminate the tangled mess of cords and power strips.

Equipped with either a built-in stand or VESA wall/panel mount, SkinnyBytes PoE computers can also use an included AC power adapter as needed, giving users the freedom to install or relocate the computer anywhere a network cable can reach, or places where it can't.

SkinnyBytes systems are tailored toward business and educational institutions. No moving components translates into durable systems with high uptime and longevity. Every system comes with Windows 7 pre-installed, and a variety of custom options including colour, capacity, and memory.

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