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Three offers completely unlimited data tariff

Mobile phone network Three has just announced a truly unlimited data allowance for their acclaimed One Plan tariff, with no limits whatsoever.

Three’s One Plan previously held a 1GB limit, which has been completely removed without any ‘fair usage policy’ of any kind. Three customers on that plan can use their mobile devices to download 1MB to 100GB a month or beyond, all for as a little as £25 a month.

Mobile phones on their network can also be used for data tethering too, which allows for other devices to connect to a mobile device over WIFI or USB to share in this new data allowance.

The One Plan was introduced back in July this year, with 2,000 any-time minutes, 5,000 minutes to call any Three based mobile phone numbers and also a 5,000 text message bundle – all of which still stands.

Three recently caused a bit of a stir in the data allowance market, by offer the Apple iPad at the same £199 cost as Orange and T-Mobile – who only bundle in a 2GB data allowance for £25 a month, where Three provides 15GB for the same cost.

This new ‘truly unlimited’ data allowance opens up Three’s network, where currently 97-percent of the networks traffic is data alone and it’s set to increase even more with this offering – which is unlikely to be matched by any other mobile phone networks.

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