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Will 3 UK Regret Its No-limit Data Plan?

3 UK is taking huge gamble by allowing customers to have unlimited access to its network, something that no other mobile phone operators had did before without dire consequences.

We're not sure how Three will sidestep the problems that will crop up in the short term. We're likely to see a tiny minority of broadband users use a significant amount of bandwidth and affect the rest of the users.

This may cause a stir amongst new and existing users and may actually harm 3 UK's carefully (re)built reputation leaving to a higher customer churn rate.

There's also the fact that Everything Everywhere, formed by T-Mobile and Orange, is a strategic partner of 3 UK and has announced that it will be scaling back its "unlimited" offers (with restrictive FUP) fairly soon.

Given that even BT implements restrictive data allowance on its fixed landline broadband, it is baffling that 3 UK went the other way.

It's a great initiative but we fear that it will come back and bite the mobile phone operators in the near future. Let's hope we're wrong.