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AMD prepares ground for Fusion assault

AMD has announced a line-up of motherboards for its upcoming low-power Fusion chippery. The boards are based on the mobile platform previously code-named Brazos and the Embedded G-Series platform cunningly code-named eBrazos.

The now-fabless firm is launching its first Fusion chips at the CES shindig in Las Vegas at the beginning of January and is now getting all its ducks in a row to ensure success of the launch.

The first motherboard firms out of the blocks are Taiwanese giants Asus, Gigabyte and MSI, followed by relative newcomers Sapphire.

AMD's future can be fairly said to rest on the success of what it calls its Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). The APUs are the first combined fruits of the 5.2 billion-dollar acquisition of Canadian graphics chip firm ATI, a deal that pretty much bust the company. Since those heady days, AMD has given up getting its hands dirty actually making chips, although it does retain a share in the manufacturing business flogged off to the Abu Dhabi Government.

Rising to the challenge of putting the APU on the map, AMD spokesveep Chris Cloran said: "AMD is ushering in a new era of personal computing, and our industry partners are ready to take advantage of the first ever AMD Fusion APU.”

In a statement today, Cloran added: "By combining the processing of the CPU with the GPU on a single energy-efficient chip, we believe customers can take advantage of better price over performance, superior 1080p HD playback and small form factors for innovative designs.”

Sapphire enforcer Adrian Thompson got in on the act to declare: "It is clear that AMD Fusion technology is an important step forward in PC technology, and we’re looking forward to supplying our customers the latest motherboard design featuring the AMD E-Series APU.

Sapphire was previously exclusively a graphics chip firm but dwindling margins sent the company out into new markets, notably mini motherboards.

"With the AMD E-Series APU, our latest motherboard designs demonstrate enhanced performance and power-savings can be implemented in a cost effective PC platform," said Thompson.

More mobo makers are expected to leap on the AMD Fusion bandwagon as it begins to roll.