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Assange granted bail in UK High Court appeal

UPDATE 19:15 GMT: Julian Assange Assange walked free from detention at the High Court at around 18:00 GMT, vowing to continue the fight to clear his name of rape allegations in Sweden and declaring: "It's great to smell the fresh air of London again."

Listen to his comments on leaving court here (opens in new tab).


UPDATE: Assange's solicitor, Mark Stephens, has said that Julian Assange may not be released until tomorrow morning, reports journalist Vikram Dodd (opens in new tab), who was at the hearing.

All individuals who have pledged money as surety for Assange's release must present themselves at a local police station to fill in the necessary documents, a process Stephens says may not be completed today.

Veteran journalist John Pilger is said to have been rejected as a surety after the judge described him as "another peripatetic Australian". Pilger has been based in the UK since the early 1960s.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has today been granted bail by the UK High Court.

The decision, announced at around 13:10 GMT, was met by cheers outside London's Royal Courts of Justice.

Assange appeared in court today to answer an appeal brought by the UK's Crown Prosecution (opens in new tab) Service against the decision on Tuesday (opens in new tab) to release the Australian on bail, subject to restrictions and more than £200,000 in sureties provided by a host of celebrity names (opens in new tab).

Dismissing CPS claims that there was a serious risk of Assange fleeing the country, the presiding judge imposed restrictions including the requirement that the WikiLeaks founder surrender his passport.

At the hearing on Tuesday, Assange's legal team indicated that their client would be willing to submit to electronic tagging.

Assange's solicitor, Mark Stephens, confirmed this morning that the required bail money had been raised in cash.

It's believed that Assange will stay at the Suffolk house of video journalist and founder of the Frontline Club, Vaughan Smith, the UK address he supplied after previously being denied bail, having given an Australian address has his place of residence. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.