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Google Delays Fibre-Broadband Trial

Search giant Google has said that it is not yet ready to announce the name of the community which will play host to its experimental super-fast fibre-based broadband network.

The company had previously announced that it would reveal the name of the US community in which it will offer its super-fast fibre-based broadband connection by the end of this year.

A number of US states, cities and counties had launched their own campaigns to convince Google to test the connection in their communities. According to Google, 1,100 communities across the US had responded to the initiative.

However now, in a blog post, the company's new vice president of Access Services Milo Medin said that there was going to be some delay in announcing the name of the community.

“We’re sorry for this delay, but we want to make sure we get this right. To be clear, we’re not re-opening our selection process—we simply need more time to decide than we’d anticipated,” Medin said.