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Google Says Chrome Is Business Ready

Google has added new administrative features to its popular Chrome web browser,

making it ready for use in a corporate environment.

In a blog post, the company declared that its web browser was ready to be adopted for use in enterprise environment.

The company explained that the browser will come equipped with controls to allow IT administrators to configure the browser according to company IT policies and deploy it on Windows, Mac and Linux-based systems within the organisation.

“By deploying Google Chrome, organisations can take advantage of improved security and web application performance without needing to upgrade other expensive software licenses or buy new hardware,” the company said.

Google is offering phone and e-mail support to all organisations deploying Chrome through Google Apps for Businesses. For those who don't have Google Apps, the company has offered documentation.

The company also said that Vanguard, Boise State University, and Procter & Gamble had already made the transition to Chrome.