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Google Infighting Thwarted Spotify Acquisition

Google has seen its efforts to purchase music streaming service Spotify thwarted by internal politics, a report has revealed.

Citing sources familiar with Google's music service plans, Business Insider reports that Google was on the verge of purchasing either Spotify or Rhapsody, but decided not to owing to internal turmoil.

According the BI report, there were three different departments fighting for the control over the music service, which ultimately led to the top brass of the company deciding against the acquisition.

Instead, Google has decided to build its own music locker service for its Android eco-system rivalling Apple's iTunes. Google Music will be capable of allowing users to purchase music, stream it to PCs and store it in a cloud-based locker, accessible from anywhere in the world via smartphone or desktop web browser.

However, Google has since struggled to get companies on-board to license content for the project, a problem it is also facing for its Google TV service.