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Social Networks See A Rise In Older Users

More and more people aged 34 and over are embracing social networks and other Internet tools, according to a new study.

Generations 2010, published by the Pew Internet and American Life project, found that social network usage amongst the 55 - 64 grew from 9 per cent to 45 per cent, whilst users aged 74 and over have quadrupled from 4 per cent to 16 per cent since 2008. The findings seem to quash the perception that elderly people are resistant to technological change and using the Internet.

Users aged 34 and over were more likely than younger browsers to go online to find financial information and to visit government websites.

The report also revealed that the use of e-mail, buying products, seeking health information and downloading podcasts were uniformly popular across all age groups.

The study showed however that those aged between 18 - 33 are still the most likely to use wireless Internet, social networking, blogs and online games and music.