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LG Optimus 2X Is Major Milestone For New Nvidia

The new LG Optimus 2X is the first smartphone that will come with a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 system on chip and as such it constitutes a very significant milestone for the Californian-based semiconductor giant.

Nvidia is known mainly for its graphics processing units (or GPU) which have single handedly changed the graphics card market more than one decade ago.

But, just as it caused many of its competitors to adapt or perish (3D FX, Number Nine, 3D Labs), Nvidia has been forced to reassess its current situation in a market that will change significantly next year.

The coming to market of the first AMD Fusion to face Intel's own Sandy Bridge processors - which combine the CPU & GPU on a single die - means that Nvidia has no other option but to explore a third way.

And because the company doesn't have strong vested interests in the x86 market, it means that it was easy for Nvidia to embrace ARM and its rapidly growing ambition to rival Intel and AMD on their own playgrounds.

Hence the launch of the Tegra family, one which may well, over the next few years rival the Geforce one in terms of revenue.

Nvidia's forte lies in its experience as a graphics chips powerhouse, which makes it ideally placed to design and manufacture graphics solutions that can scale from handsets to supercomputers.

The CEO of Nvidia has already made it clear that the Tegra 2 is the beginning as far as 2011 is concerned. Indeed several other mainstream devices including the Advent Vega and the Zune HD had already been released months before rivals like TI or Marvell Technology Group even came up with prototypes.