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Microsoft Brings Facebook 'Likes' To Bing

Software giant Microsoft is rolling out new features for its Bing search engine, better integrating the platform with Facebook.

The feature, which is set to finish rolling out by the end of this year, will allow Bing users to see which search results have been recommended or 'liked' by their friends on Facebook.

The move is a part of Microsoft's efforts to integrate the social networking platform more heavily into its search engine.

Wring on the Bing blog, Satya Nadella, the senior vice president of Microsoft's Online Services Division, wrote: “The core of our work addresses the fact that the web is getting more complex and faceted- not less. At the same time, your time is being compressed more than ever. But this ever evolving web provides footholds on which Bing can build that can help cut through the noise.”

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