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News@10: 8 Million Podcasts Downloaded By UK Listeners, Facebook Founder Is Time's Man Of The Year & Wikileaks

A study has revealed that a proportion of radio listeners are starting to favour podcasts and 'listen again' services over traditional live broadcasts. The latest research, conducted by radio audience evaluator RAJAR, has revealed that 8.1 million Britons, or 16 per cent of the population, have downloaded podcasts, with 44 per cent of those listening to at least one such service per week.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been named as the Time Magazine Person of the Year 2010. The 26 year old billionaire, who recently pledged to donate the majority of his wealth to charity, has been awarded the title for bringing more than half a billion people together on the same network, for developing a new system for relaying information and changing how people communicate with each other., a site assisting WikiLeaks publish the classified US diplomatic cables, has claimed that the warnings issued by security firms that the website is unsafe to visit are false. The site has been instrumental in aiding visitors to download copies of the leaked US diplomatic cables previously published by WikiLeaks by listing a number websites hosting mirrors of the original content.

Three UK is taking huge gamble by allowing customers to have unlimited access to its network, something that no other mobile phone operators had did before without dire consequences. We're not sure how Three will sidestep the problems that will crop up in the short term.

The compressed file containing the hacked database of Gawker websites, with the details of more than 1.2 million users, their passwords and emails is now widely available via the Pirate Bay. The file, which is nearly 500MB big, was uploaded 48 hours ago and has accumulated more than 200 seeders since then.