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News@5: Police Investigate Anonymous Attacks, Google Doodle Celebrates Austen's 235th Birthday & Chrome OS

Google has celebrated Jane Austen's 235th birthday by dedicating a doodle to her on the front page of its search engine. The doodle depicts a man and a woman taking a stroll in the English countryside. Both are dressed in period clothing from Austen's era, with the man seen wearing a top hat and the women a bonnet.

The Metropolitan Police are to investigate the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack carried out by Internet gathering Anonymous against Master Card, PayPal and Visa. The "online living consciousness", which targeted several major recording companies under Operation Payback, has recently turned its efforts towards helping WikiLeaks, attacking the websites of several companies that allegedly severed ties with WikiLeaks after being pressurised by the US government.

Google has added new administrative features to its popular Chrome web browser, making it ready for use in a corporate environment. In a blog post, the company declared that its web browser was ready to be adopted for use in enterprise environment.

Speciality card retailer Clinton Cards will be cutting the price of £15 iTunes giftcards to £10 with a limit of six cards per customer, only valid on the 18th and 19th of December. This means that you can get up to £90 worth of credit for £60, great if you are an App Store aficionado.

Facebook has announced yet another update to the social networking platform. The social network is planning to enhance its photo-tagging feature, allowing users to tag friends using facial recognition software.